The Legend of Carlos Gardel

   De Luca entertainment


Based on the original story written in 1932 by the famous Argentinean writer

Maestro Enrique Cadicamo

Personal friend and confidant of

The King of Tango.

A romantic and twisted movie that mix together class, drama, passion and Tango.

Carlos Gardel is one of the greatest icons in the world. He is the greatest leading star who projected his music and lyrics in early cinema, was actor, dancer and singer.

The story  takes place in a golden era in history, the roaring 20’s and it travels from Argentina to Paris, from New York to Hollywood. In the same time when Gardel’s fame exploded around the globe.

Martin De Luca, producer, obtained the WGAw rights of the original screenplay and special notes in 1994 directly from Mr. Enrique Cadicamo. Since then, Martin De Luca is working with dedication to realize this project and fulfil the dream that maestro Enrique Cadicamo left behind.

Let's Tango!